Richard Piat

Richard Piat (Piatehoruk) was born in Vilvoorde on 1 February 1950 (Belgium)

At the age of 15 he attends Portaelsschool, painting and sculpture.

In 1968, during his military service, he enjoyed a training as a film operator cineast. In 1972 he studied art photography in Aalst, a profession that he chose as a career. Not only because of his assignments in the fashion and publicity world, but also because of his work as a photographer-journalist and the photographing of everyday things, he gets a different view of the events around him. He becomes an artistic centipede. As a sculptor, photographer, musician, actor, painter and cook, he approaches the world from a quirky creative perspective that he describes as "creativisionism".

Creativisionism is more than an art style, it is a lifestyle. For him there are two types of artists. One uses his eyes to study his subject as well as possible and to present it truthfully. The more the image looks like the one depicted, the higher the art content. This vision is therefore more about the illustration itself, not about the meaning. The other kind of artist closes his eyes and then tries to give shape to the image or idea he has in mind. The emphasis is on the effect of the materials used, the technique used, the presentation, the colors, and so on. The artwork becomes a reality that stands on its own with its own creative message. The work encourages the viewer to appeal to his own mind, emotions and imagination. For him, a work of art is only successful if it provokes a vision among people. That vision does not even have to be the same as that of the artist.

As long as the artwork comes to life by talking about it and it elicits an opinion from the public, it has a right to exist.

Speaks Dutch, French, English and a little Spanish